We Parents and teachers and our Children


Each child today is an atom of unfathomable potent. We, parents and teachers, have the divine duty to explore, ignite and kindle the hidden glow in them and lead their life in disciplined, positive and prosperous direction with sound physical, emotional and spiritual health, boundless knowledge and wisdom, noble mission and vision, values and virtues sans any vices, indomitable moral courage, brevity, fortitude and certitude, a national as well as international soul within, judicious and scientific thinking, a heart and mind without fear, ego, jealousy, narrow sentimentalism, prejudice or bias of caste, creed and religion.

A sculptor makes a stone idol but the parents and the teachers are the architects of living human beings. A potter moulds and shapes the clay and creates beautiful and solid earthen pots. We are responsible of moulding and shaping human character and career.  A gardener nurtures and nourishes a sapling to make it a huge tree with luscious green leaves, beautiful flowers, delicious fruits and soothing shade for the mankind. Like him, we must relish and cherish our noble job and dream to flower and flourish the small human cotyledons to make grow healthy and happy in body and mind, emotionally balanced, pedantically wise and intelligent, naturally cultured and civilized as Himalayan personality with Herculean strength, patience and generosity of the Earth, depth, might and humility of the Sea, agility and swiftness of the Wind, vastness of the Sky, brilliance of the Sun, coolness of the Moon, speed of Light, colors of the Rainbow to charm and serve the society and the world  like a Messiah of justice and noble deed-a good Samaritan of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

All parents are the first teachers and all teachers are the second parents. The home is the first school and the school is the second home. Our joint, decent, diligent and meticulous efforts create a resourceful human resource.

A nation is built in its class rooms. Each class room ought to be comfortable and convenient, joyful and natural, burden-less and stress free, inclusive and supportive, participatory and interactive, integrative and extrapolative, flexible and dynamic, creative and innovative, pragmatic and empirical, play-way, activity based and project based, learner-centered and never teacher-dominated- a place of joyful learning-while-doing,  where national and international souls are made. A teacher, who teaches and preaches the text-book like a scripture is an orthodox Dominique, who imprisons the pupils in the pages of the book like the frogs in a well. A teacher with rods in hand is not a teacher but a ring master for the beasts in circus or a band-master making the band players playing to his tune.  A good education system takes his students beyond the text-books to the outside world of knowledge and wisdom, nature and environment, History and heritage, culture and literature, sports and games, art and craft.  A good teacher never spoon feeds or makes the pupils memorize like parrots. He takes them away from rote- learning to conceptualization, passivity to activity, dogma to reality, blind faith to reason and rationale, pessimism to optimism, timidity to confidence, morose monotony to jocund cacophony, failure to success in life.

This philosophy of education is not the new or latest one. Rather this is age old with ancient root. Man always learned by doing and experience in a natural environment. All the great thinkers,  philosophers and  educationists have always believed in this. India has, to its remarkable credit, the ancient Gurukulashram system, where this pedagogy was widely followed. In Mahabharat age, Guru Dronacharaya and Kripacharya taught the Kaurav and Pandav bothers in the similar way. In Ramayan age, the sages like Balmiki taught ‘Lava’ and ‘Kush’ this way. All other Indian sages practised the same educational system in their hermitages. All great classical philosophers like Plato (idealism), Aristotle (realism), Jacques Rousseau (naturalism) John Locke (associationism), Michel de Montaigne,  Euripides, Seneca, Cicero, Horace, William James, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, John Fowles, Harry Broudy (classical realism, existentialism and instrumentalism), Thomas Aquinas (his Scholasticism), John Dewey (his Pragmatism and progressivism),Immanuel Kant,  Avicenna, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Ibn Tufail, Mortimer Jerome Adler (Educational perenialism),Harry S. Broudy, Thomas Aquinas, William Heard Kilpatrick, Nel Noddings, Richard Rorty, Paul H. Hirst (Analytic Philosophy),Maxine Greene, Paulo Freire (Critical Theory),Alexander Sutherland Neill, Madam Maria Montessori (in her Montessori system), Dr. Fredrich Froebel, George Bernard Shaw  Maharshi Aurobinda, Ravindranath Tagore, Mahtma Gandhi, a host of other great thinkers, all education commissions in India and world advocated for this natural, joyful, creative and wholesome learning. Our national policy of education now has same aims and objectives. We parents and teachers have the greater responsibility to implement it while making and shaping the life, character and career of our children-our future generation.


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  1. nice one sir……this is really a good site…..
    it consists very good articles………..
    thank u sir ……….
    u r the nice principal for this school…………………

  2. I could match your views and thoughts with this article sir, we parents,teachers and students form a triangle ….even if there is a gap in one corner ,the triangle cannot be formed and the same happens in this triangle too….if communication gap between any of the two teams,then the whole triangle is incomplete!

  3. choice of vocabulary is incredible, fluency is remarkable,co-ordination of ideas is outstanding. Its a superb piece of writing -simply phenomenal!

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